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seriously, I’m ten hours into this year, what the hell did I do to piss off two of my best friends…?

okay, one of them isn’t mad /sob

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I made myself some Sai brushes for soft coloring, I thought I could share them :3

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Here you go, a complete tutorial for the thing you see in THIS post! :D

To clarify some things, I understand there might have been some confusion in my saying that it was done with “ink” pens. Indeed, some of these are gel pens, but are still standard pens, just in some unusual colors. I’m in Singapore right now and there are a lot of japanese stationery, which are quite fancy; but other than the opaque white pen, these are pretty basic. There is no photoshopping involved, just a lot of smearing and rubbing and messy fingers. ^___^

The original post was indeed done while I was bored in biology class in high school; as to why I did not get caught/stopped while drawing something so elaborate, let’s just say that all of my teachers have resigned themselves to the fact that I am a doodle machine who cannot be stopped. I get awesome grades, so they can’t complain. XD

Do send me pictures if you decide to try this out, I would really LOVE to see it! If you have any questions, please direct them to my ask box~

(The end result for this one isn’t quite as pretty as in the original post; I don’t exactly have a set of rules to draw this by, so I had to figure out how to do it again. It didn’t turn out quite the same. :<)

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So I just found this website where you can make your own seamless patterns for your blog background or for whatever you want to use them for! It’s super handy and they have a lot of cool designs to work with wowow you should check it out!!

Amazing :DDD

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brush presets two: painting

I literally use middle flat acrylic brushes for everything

the midline is a setting that was circulating around tumblr like half a year ago, the two derivatives are my own though.

The ‘Sweet Desu Jesus’ Pen from the last set is also used to refine details out

there’s other miscellaneous brushes that I have that I end up using as accents but they’re not settings I made myself and, like the midline acrylic, they’ve been circulating for like half a year so I’d prefer not to throw them in here. UuU

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6 Color Scheme Tools

The biggest resource community for colour palettes as well as patterns. Plus points that they spell “colour”correctly my British way.

From Adobe it pretty much works the same way as COLORlovers where you also create your own schemes or edit others accordingly.

This site is a little more interactive and fun with the 3D elements. In addition there are few fun mixing/blending options.

Color Scheme Designer
The Wheel! A great resource for creating schemes as well options for “light-er” or “dark-er” versions.

There are a few picture-to-colours applications but this is my favourite as, in my opinion, its most accurate. In addition to finding you colours from an image you’ve uploaded, it suggests other similar colour schemes from Colourlovers and Kuler. You can also download swatch files which I find useful.

Color Palette Generator (
If you’re lazy or don’t have the image on your computer, this site lets you use URL’s instead.

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Art References Tumblr Accounts!


Some of these may be in the wrong category. Some may need to be in another category! Do tell me (through my ask box) if I need to change or add something! Have fun looking through these accounts!









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The forgotten people of China

 Many people are unaware of the “other” people indigenous to China. There’s 56 recognised ethnic groups in China. Mandarin speaking Han people make up the largest ethnic group in China. However there are still people of other ethnic groups with their own customs, cultures, languages and dress. Each culture is unique in it’s own way, some completely breaking out of the stereotype of Chinese culture.  

The lady in the top photo looks like Kiddy’s mom…..js U_______________U

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Fourth quarter 19th century

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